The solution or idea about to add image or text to model

i want something like this :

DynamicTexture? or decals?

Dynamic textures should work.There has been a similar topic recently

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Hi @wangjia5693 just checking in, do you have any further questions? :slightly_smiling_face:

my question is if the origin mesh’s texture is uv,in this way i draw a new logo image to it ,then replace th e origin texture,this position of texture will change

could you provide a repro highlighting the position change ?

my issue is to add a logo to my pg,but not change the origin texture

decals might be a good option Decals | Babylon.js Documentation ?

yes,this is one way,but it should point the position of the decals first,it is not convenient

Hi @wangjia5693 just checking in, were you able to create a playground with the issue?