The textures dds, tga with WebGPU are not supported


It seems that dds textures are not supported with WebGPU.
I have a return in the console which tells me that : Compressed textures are not supported on this platform.
Meshes that have dds textures are therefore not displayed.
I imagine it will be the same with tga textures.
Is this normal, or something can be done about it ?

It’s not a big concern in itself. I find its texture formats cumbersome anyway. png and jpg are good enough. But I wanted to ask the question.


Does it work in WebGL? If it works in WebGL, it should also work in WebGPU, as Chrome implements the extension for compressed textures.

That would probably help if you could repro in the Playground / dump the whole error message you get in the console.

It actually seems to work in the playground. I don’t know why I have in the console: Compressed textures are not supported on this platform.

Anyway, I modified my texture in jpg, which makes it lighter.

Thnks Evgeni

Just as an FYI, i cannot use DDS either. I get the same error as Dad72 in chrome with webGPU.

in dds.ts, UploadDDSLevels() engine is undefined when interrogating in the console, and ext on line 436 is being set to false every time. I assume because the double naught forces it to false for undefined. I have a SS of my console below.

A repro would be great as I do not see how this can happen.