The WebGPU sample featured on Twitter currently doesn't work on Chrome Canary

This is a WebGPU sample recently introduced on Twitter, but it doesn’t work on the latest Chrome Canary.

Recently, there has been a specification change in the WGSL specification for WebGPU shaders.

Perhaps changing the alias below from #36 to #50 will work with the latest Chrome Canary.

Thanks for reporting.

We have already fixed the demos in the doc page, the updated one for the Ocean is

@Deltakosh / @sebavan: as the link in the tweet is not a direct link to the PG, I think it can be updated?

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I have confirmed that #55 works on Edge Canary (Chrome/102.0.5005.0 Edg/102.0.1248.0).
However, it seems to be an error in Chrome Canary (Chrome/103.0.9999.0).
This may be an environment-dependent issue, but I’ll report it for now.

The environment I tried is as follows.
OS : Windows 10 Version 21H1(OS Build 19043.1645)
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

There seems to be a problem with GPU Connection Lost on Chrome Canary 103.5044.0 and above.

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Yes, nothing works anymore in the current Chrome Canary version.

@Evgeni_Popov is it an Api change I can fix now or is it a broken version on their end ?

No, it is a problem on Chrome side, they released a version that breaks everything, you get a “connection lost” right from start (even in the WebGPU samples - the link from @cx20 above).

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It seems the latest version of Canary is ok, the PG is working again!