There is an issue where the mesh suddenly disappears

I put the mesh on it and put the panel on it.

But if you give an event where the camera suddenly moves close, the mash disappears.

(I don’t know if it’s because there are panels that can’t be captured by the camera…)

I don’t know if the TextBlock error is correct.

Why is this happening?

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Maybe your near plane is not near enough :smiley:

Try setting camera.minZ = 0 and see if it still happens.

But without seeing some example it’s that’s the only thing I can say. Now if it is connected to the error you are showing, then you need to look into why your object is undefined (so TextBlock is undefined?). But anyway we need more info on that, either share some code, or try to replicate the issue in the playground.

When I checked TextBlock, I found some TextBlocks with _lines undefined …

Hmm. Maybe check this.


An error is never to show that things are correct. Obviously one of your properties on the textBlock is incorrect or called before ready.

No, unless you stated it (put in a different AdvancedTexture, messed with the layerMask).

I would say the same as @nogalo. It’s likely that you are positioning the camera beyond the mesh.
To get a real nice closeup without moving the camera all too close to the target, use the fov.
You can put a limit from the target (radius in case of an arcRotate) and, passed this limit, start to modify the fov value to create a ‘zoom in’ without positioning the camera any closer to the object or panel.

A repro in the playground would help a great deal :slight_smile:

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