There may be a problem with the <Getting Started> document

For both the extruded polygon and the cylinder face 0, is the bottom, face 2 the top and face 1 the edge joining the bottom and top. Remember that currently the car body and its wheels are built lying down

An extruded polygon has three surfaces top, bottom and extruded sides, face 0 is the top, face 1 the extruded sides and face 2 the bottom.

Is there an error in the first description?
face 0 → bottom or top?

@JohnK our maths king might remember on the top of his head ???

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Hi @Judge_Chen and a welcome from me. Thank you for pointing this out.

The correct one for an extrudedPolygon is the materials page 0 is top, 2 the bottom.
Cylinder is correct on both pages.

Submitting PR to docs for Getting Started.

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Thanks a ton @JohnK