TiledGround doesn't optimize anything

I’ve tried TiledGround from playground (Full logic copy).

Here 10x10 map:

As you can see in debugger, it creates 200(!!!) additional draw calls. It x2 calls comparing with just using 100 meshes and x100(!) vs instanced.

@Par Célian Garcia, what’s the deal?


The TiledGround creates independent blocks that can have different materials so you can control them one by one. Not the option for a checker board :slight_smile:

More useful to simulate google maps with tiled textures :slight_smile:

But whole idea of any tiled map is to optimize draw calls. At least submesh has to support instancing. Or, in better option, tiledmap has to support list of used meshes for merging or something.

with tiled textures

Tiled textures isn’t tiled ground. It question for another topic