Timeline control in editor

I am looking at utilising Babylon to augment elearning for our stakeholders in the area of building and construction.
Does the editor have a convenient timeline style control for scripting animations, including being able to incorporate sound (narration). The use case is to be able to take the user through a 3D world, have them optionally interact with it, and provide narration to explain technical aspects.

Here’s some documentation regarding timeline animation
Timeline Control | Babylon.js Documentation (babylonjs.com)

Maybe this example can be useful for you
Timeline (babylonjs.com)

Hope it helps

Hi Jade,
Thanks for the feedback. I am not sure this does what I want. As per screen grab below, I am looking for a timeline control in the editor which allows me to select any of the entities and create a track in the timeline that then allows me to control when they appear/disappear, fade in, move, rotate etc. That is, apply an animation to any of their properties.

cc @julien-moreau who is the editor author :smiley:

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