Tips and/or documentation to help working with advanced mesh manipulation


First, I have to say that this question is very specific and maybe it doesn’t even belong here.

So, I am trying to build a PWA (Progressive Web App) with Babylon.js and Angular. This app should allow the user to import a .stl or .obj file and then manipulate the imported mesh. I read the documentation and the import function is working.

The problem is that the manipulation that I want to do is quite complex. For example, I want the user to draw an area in the mesh and “cut” it, detect colisions between meshes with something like a “heat map” and so on. This is a problem because I don’t seem to find docs/examples/tips for this kind of mesh manipulation and user interaction. So, does anyone have some kind of documentation on this?

Thank you.

Hello and welcome!

for mesh manipulation you may have a look to CSG:

For heat maps and so on I think shaders could be the good candidates and thus NME can be your friend: How To use the Node Material - Babylon.js Documentation

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Thank you very much that will help me.

Maybe I am asking too much but do you happen to have some playground or docs regarding allowing the user to draw lines on a mesh?

gridMaterial draws lines Grid - Babylon.js Documentation, you might be able to use the source docs referenced on this page to help create your own line drawing material.

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