Tomb of Fortune

We managed it to get our first BabylonJS “Project” out of the Door.
Tomb of Fortune is released now.

Many thanks to all your help here in the Forum!



This deserves an entry on our webpage!!! @PirateJC

Awesome @oglu! So cool to see what you’ve been working on this whole time! It looks awesome!

I’ll add this to our demo page!

Also - Any objections to this being considered for our 4.1 release video?

I have to double check with our Studio Heads.

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Thanks Christoph! Let me know what they say.

Also Tomb of Fortune is up now on the community page!

'love the design! How many people work on the project?

A Team around 10 People. Half of it are Artists the other are Developers and QA.


This is really pretty I love the style !!! I want to play it the tomb raider way now :slight_smile:

Some background Info.
The Ingame Char does have 6k Poly and one 2k Texture Set.
The Cinematic Char does have 25k Poly and 11 x 4k Textures per Channel.

Everything is on this Char is done by me.
Modeling in Maya and Zbrush.
Textures painted in Mudbox.

I hope to Post more Details in the next Days.


vCool @oglu.

I like your style, and Details.

Its not my Style, its the Style the Client, Concept Artist and our Artdirector developed for this Project.

Im just the Hammer to make the idea come true.

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Yes, the style of detail description - is good.

  • Polycount
  • Pipeline

Also, detail in the medallion, cantina, and boot buckles.

Tomb of Fortune is a good game.

It is impressive. Nice work.


Seriously this is really beautiful! You can be proud!

Wow that looks very polished.

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