Tools sculpting mesh (Brush & Inflate)

Hi, is possible use sculpting tools in mesh like Sculptgl
The goal is after importing the mesh we could adjust the mesh in specifique points with Brush tool:

and with Inflate tool:

Thank you all!


This would be amazing but is out of scope for an engine as it is fully part of the DCC tools process.

I bet @julien-moreau would love this but I do not think this is an area the framework wants to go towards.

Hey !

Right, I’d like to implement it in the BabylonJS Editor but there are more requested features like terrain painting. Anyway, as it looks like sculpting, it can come next to the terrain editor when I’ll start working on it

If you have some documents, examples etc of sculpting methods (I’m not really familiar with that methods), you can share, that will help me a lot :slight_smile:


Hi @julien-moreau if possible for you can take a look on this opensource sculptgl/src/editing/tools at master · stephomi/sculptgl · GitHub :grinning:

Thank you!

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