Mesh Editor (which is interactive and intuitive)

Is there a mesh editor for Babylon?

Node Material Editor is interesting, but I’m a person who likes mesh geometries - so for me that would be a powerful way that Babylon can stand out. I’ve been playing with Three.js for years, and now getting interested in Babylon… but mesh editing doesn’t ever seem to be well developed. Even with Blender, I have to be a keyboard shortcut wizard for mesh editing to feel intuitive.

Having an editor where one can quickly and interactively create complex meshes would be neat. Just being able to click on group of faces (highlight appears around the faces), and pull those faces along a constraint (so your faces aren’t sliding around every which-way) would be helpful. Other features that might help, would be the ability to quickly subdivide faces, position primitives to generate a wrapped complex mesh, and fuse together two meshes.

There’s a lot of potential to make mesh construction interactive and intuitive, and I hope that Babylon open sources an editor like that.

Adding @julien-moreau who is the creator of the Editor (

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I find the editor difficult to use and workflow is not very intuitive.

Can’t seem to open my .babylon file as a scene and it must be added as a mesh first, and can’t just drop into existing scene without messing up the arrangements.

The only way I could open my scene is to view it using mesh viewer.

Also, it doesn’t remember the last used workspace and I had to keep opening the default workspace.

actually experimented with this idea , here it is but warning it’s mainly simple modelling in trig mode.

But lately i have been experimenting with halfedge and quad mode, not fully ready yet…

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Interesting… I wonder if there’s a mesh editor library on GitHub?
Would be nice if we had Blender features.

  • Extrude
  • Loop cut
  • Subdivide
  • etc.