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Good morning community.

After long weeks of hard work our team have finished the last project where BabylonJS has been the essential key.

More than a Metaverse, I like to define it as a Miniverse where step by step we´ll improve the interactivity and activities.

It´s a different and fun way to navigate from a virtual 3D space and of course this has been possible thanks to the possibilities offered by the development with BabylonJS.

Users have the opportunity to visit a recreation of the Tourspain Pavilion at the different WTM Fairs (World Travel Market).
Accessing the most relevant activities and information generated at the event, configure their avatar or interact with other users through a contact form.

For the future we´ve different goals for this project: to create a LiveChat for direct communication, more avatars and customizations, more animations or improve overall interaction and performance.

There are still many details to improve, but the satisfaction has been to finish the project and see how new possibilities open up with tools as powerful as BabylonJS.
You can access by a simple registration or in guest mode

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

@PirateJC @Deltakosh


Hey this is super good! The only caveat is that it takes forever to load here (Seattle)

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Thanks @Deltakosh, we continue to modify some parts of the code and I suppose that it will be causing loading problems.
We hope to fix it.
Thank you very much again as always

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Well done to your team.

I really like this low poly look and feel. I’m going to share this when I want to introduce someone to a business need where I want to use Babylon JS. :trophy:

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Love it! I agree with bjsuser the low poly look is very well done, and I really liked how every exhibitor seems to have a unique model!

I entered as a guest and noticed my browser (edge) tried to save the guest login and password, maybe there is a way to disable this behavior? It feels a bit weird trying to save a password that I haven’t entered.

Anyways, great work, I’d LOVE to visit Spain someday it looks like a beautiful country :smiley:

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We hadn’t thought of that.
Let’s see how to solve it
Thank you very much for your comment
and I hope you can visit Spain at some point, it’s wonderful :smiley:

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This is a kind of pixel perfect feeling ! I love it. Congrats !

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Thanks for your comment Sir!!!