Track download progress of a remote glb file

Hello Everyone,

I’m using BabylonReactNative and was wondering if there’s a way to track the download progress of a single glb file.

I tried passing a function to SceneLoader.ImportMeshAsync but seems like it’s not being called.

I don’t really care about progressively loading the models, i just want a simple way to keep track of the download progress of whatever is being downloaded.


Here are some docs about it - Creating Custom Loading Screens | Babylon.js Documentation
Example - (See console) -
Another example -
Just some fishes -

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Thanks for the response!
Sadly onProgress doesn’t seem to be firing at all in React Native.

Adding @bghgary and @ryantrem for the react native part.

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Unfortunately, this hasn’t been implemented yet. We override React Native’s XMLHttpRequest because it used base64 and is very slow (although I wonder if this has been fixed in recent versions), but our implementation doesn’t have progress at the moment.

Please drop a note in the issue or help us implement it if you can.

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I’m afraid that my knowledge with the native side of things isn’t enough to tackle this issue, if this is low on your priority list then maybe i can give it a go cause it’s important for my usecase, so i’d appreciate any pointers that can help me get started.


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It’s not super trivial, but we are adding getResponseHeader to the XHR implementation in these two PRs:

You need to do something similar in terms of the files you need to change. I did some refactoring in my PR that you will not need to do.