Transparencies and Babylon 5: Super Improvement!

hey guys, unfortunately these days I have veeery little bandwidth to look into that issue. Just posting here to state that I didn’t forget to look into it. Will post updates as soon as I can !

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Many thanks you for the update. I was about daring to ask some new… nevertheless I know what it means to run out of time.
I wish you can have less pressure soon !
Bon courage et à bientôt !

@CraigFeldspar any updates on this one ?

hey @Jean-Marie_Laborde, sorry for the long wait, it was a bit of a nasty and hard to find bug.

Once this PR goes through, webgl errors will be fixed.
As for the Moiré pattern, you simply have to remove the sideOrientation: BABYLON.Mesh.DOUBLESIDE from the plane creation options. This params actually creates vertices and faces at the exact same depth, which doesn’t play well with OIT. OIT doesn’t support 1 sided planes anyway, so the plane will be double faced even without the param.


MANY, MANY thanks, jml