Depth of ground not displaying

I have a ground loaded into this scene. I can’t get the depth of the ground to display. Any ideas?

Thank you for any help


you do not need to create then engine and run the renderloop in the PG:

Then you are using a mesh that does not exist in the PG so I’m not sure what you try to demonstrate unfortunately as it does not work

What do you mean by “depth of the ground” ?

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Hi Deltakosh,
Ok thanks.
Just trying to figure out where to save my gltf as a raw file online to link to, to display the model.

Sorry, I didn’t explain very well. Where I have the ground width, height and depth dimensions , if I edit the width and height it changes the size of the box, but if I edit the depth of myGround nothibng happens. depth: 4 isn’t working.
var myGround = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateGround(“myGround”, { width: 4, height: 4, depth: 4 }, scene);

Ok I understand. Ground are flat so no depth. You want to use a box in this case
Here is how to link external assets in the PG: Using External Assets - Babylon.js Documentation

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Ah fab, thanks again