Transparent Glass Material


I’ve recently been struggling with trying to implement a glass material in one of my meshes.

I checked out this code and tried to create a similar material in my project, but for some reason, my glass remains gray ( this is my PG ). If I bring the mesh into the sandbox, and just go to the glass material and change it’s opacity, it looks good enough Capture — ImgBB but if I try to do that in code, I am still stuck with gray windows.

Anybody has any idea what am I doing wrong?

The mesh is named “Glass” and not “Ap2Glass” in the scene, and you should use ImportMesh instead of ImportMeshAsync with the syntax you use:

[EDIT] Note that for a proper usage of room.hdr as an env map, you should pass true for the prefilterOnLoad parameter of the constructor:


@Evgeni_Popov you rock !!!

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Oh my god, I feel so stupid now. Been struggling with this the whole day, and I can t believe I never re-checked the mesh name. Everything works now, thanks a lot

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