Blender glass material

I gave the object a transparent glass material in blender and it didn’t work when I imported it into sandbox, I want to ask how to get the glass material?


Blender Glass shader is for precomputed 3D, not realtime. So you have to fake it for your 3D engine (it’s not specific to BJS).
In Blender, just use a Principled node, and do basic tweaks on it, then you’ll have to set it up once in BJS (quick example).

[edit] this remind me this SSS setup I’ve tried on the dragon model :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for once again solving a problem that was bothering me : )

I have not touched .env only used HDRI, I would like to ask the PG of Dragon, he seems to use .env format, do I need to convert my .exr format to .env before using it in babylon?

Yep, easy to do with this tool… using a .hdr: Babylon.js Texture Tools
More options or infos here: Using An HDR Environment For PBR | Babylon.js Documentation

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Thanks I will try this tool.
Have a nice evening!~