Traverse ancestor nodes

Now, only the child nodes are traversed. If the parent node is not traversed, it is recommended to increase the traversal of the parent node

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I am not sure to understand what you are willing to change :frowning: maybe a PR would be simpler ?

It’s strange. Please give me an accurate answer

I will close the issue, I was asking for a Pull Request to better understand what you mean cause at the moment I do not understand the question ?

We are talking about a Pullrequest: you sharing some code because we have no clue what you want
A video, a playground, anything that can help us understand your needs

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for example:
It is recommended to add getancestornodes as the attribute method of node
@sebavan @Deltakosh

For my personal opinion, it is really weird that you have an operation for all the ancectors.
ONE mesh only refers to one parent while ONE node is able to refer to multi meshes, it is not similar.

Yes, I understand. In some cases, it is necessary to query an ancestor node of node according to the conditions

So maybe getAncestorNode instead of getAncestorNodes is better?

But it’s a list

I feel the same way

I am not sure it is fully useful in the framework as it is as @tanpopo rather rare to traverse of ancestor.

A simple while loop in the client code is usually as efficient. I am not opposed to add it but lets see if we have the same for another user before adding too many helper growing little by little the size of the deliverable.

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