Trim the range of an animationGroup

I’m looking for a simple way to trim the range of an animation group. Any Ideas?

I have an animation group: A with the frame range: 0-100 imported from a .glb which has targeted animations . I wanna create an animation group: B frame 0-50 and animation group: C with frames 51-100.

Currently Im using the ‘from’, ‘to’ options from animationGroup.start() to play the desired range. But I think it would be cleaner to have multiple animationGroups with the desired ranges.

I understand, typically you would do it in the content creation tool. Like mentioned here. But lets assume this is not an option.

Thanks in advance!

I hope I didn’t overlooked something during my research:

I guess you would need to create new animations by copying the range of keys you want, then create an AnimationGroup around them. That seems a bit of work to do programmatically (there’s no direct way to create an Animation by extracting a range of keys)… If you really want two animation groups, you can clone the first one, but of course you will still need to do animGroup2.start(..., 51, 100).