Split AnimationGroup to "subanimations"

Hello ! I have tried to find this question here in forum, but seemingly it wasnt asked yet, so here it is:

Is it possible to split 1 animationGroup into pieces ? My problem is that I have bought several animated models but all animations is actually one big animationGroup. I can run specific animation as I have “frame-track-list” but what I cannot do is transition between animations - because it is still just one animation.

When I am doing animations in Blender myself, I create many animations (run, walk, idle …) which results into many AnimationGroups in application. This way I can play with animationsWeights and achieve nice and fluent transitions. But I am unable to do so when all animations (run, walk, idle …) are packed in one single AnimationGroup :frowning: It is pretty sad because I have models from 2 different sources (besides my own) and both have the same problem.

I have original Blender files and I am able to do some simple animations on my own, but I cannot sadly split that animation from external source, because they created it in some different way in Blender that I dont really understand :frowning: There is no skeleton to be seen and no actions in DopeSheet …there is some Blender magic beyond my knowledge - thats why I need to split it after loading into app idealy :slight_smile:

Thanx in advance ladies and gentlemen !


I understand your problem with Blender :wink:

That being said, it is possible to get the animations out of the AnimationGroup with group.targetedAnimations array :slight_smile:

That would be nice, I will give it a try :wink: thanx as always ! This animation blending is so cool.

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