TRN2: Tomb Raider Nostalgia

Hi there,

I can finally show the project I was working on for the last couple of months: a Tomb Raider 1/2/3/4 level / cutscene viewer (when viewing a level, hit the H key for some help).

There’s also a Github repository.

In fact, this project did exist for a long time, but I only recently started to work on it again.

The biggest late addition is the TR4 cutscene player. Try to click here:
(if you move the mouse to the bottom of the screen, you will show a video control bar to play with - at the end, hit the HOME key to get back to the cutscene list)

I started this project years ago with Threejs as the 3D engine, but as it does not support particle systems natively, I switched to Babylon (in fact, you can use either of them by selecting the one you want before going for a level).

It’s called TRN2 because TRN was the first iteration, using only Threejs and in plain javascript. TRN2 is written in Typescript and features both Threejs and BabylonJS - in fact, it was my pet project to learn Typescript and some other tools (Visual Studio Code, Webpack, etc)!

It is not polished yet, I should add portal rendering and refactor some code, but I need a break :slight_smile:


I’m getting this error when trying to pick a level:

(I picked tr3)

Tomb Raider 1 works btw and it is freaking cool!

I tested a number of TR3 levels and it does work for me…

I have mostly tested with Chrome, maybe you are testing with another browser?

Or it’s some network settings that’s getting in the way…

It seems some people got this error because of ADBlocker, so try to disable it and see what happens.

Some level files can be rather large, so try with cutscenes instead, which are smaller (at least for TR1/2/3 games).

Also, disabling anti-virus can help, see answer here:

It works now :wink: