Tron Fever (Like the SNAKE game)

Hey, I just created a game for my computer science master’s course.

I just created a game for my computer science master’s course.
Teacher supervising Michel Buffa

Direct link to the game via HEROKU:
Direct link to the GitHub : GitHub - iBananos/DS4H_GAMES_3D

Here you will find the development of my 3D game called TronFever inspired by the movie TRON, it is a SNAKE style game, for the moment only the single player mode is available.

Rule of the game :

Your Tron (motorbike) is moving on its own
When it walks it creates walls behind it
Using ‘Q’ & ‘D’ (or the directional arrows ‘LEFT’ & ‘RIGHT’) you can turn left and right
The ‘SPACE’ key allows JUMP (5 seconds cooldown, 1 second duration)
The ‘S’ key allows BRAKE (7 seconds cooldown, 3 seconds duration)
PURPOSE: To last the longest in game without hitting a wall or touching the edges of the MAP.

Currently the game is in development, the displacement calculation is done according to time, the game is not optimized:

nor for low configuration PCs,
nor for too long a period

(please refresh the page in case of ‘LAG’)

Do not hesitate to give your opinion or / and advice I’m starting on babylon it’s my first try :slight_smile:

Have fun



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Merci pour votre temps et aide hier @Deltakosh très inspirant !

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avec plaisir!

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This is pretty cool, I’d love to see a multiplayer version :open_mouth:

This is as far as I got (I died shortly after):

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Awesom ! This is just the start of TronFever, new skills are planned and I hope to be able to implement multiplayer as soon as possible :smiley: @Knar

Very nice. I love the idea of adding perks with a cooldown. It really adds something to the gameplay.
It seems to run smoothly. I had no performance issue.

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Thanks you very much ! I will add some other perks soon @mawa ! :blush: