Troubleshooting an exported mesh

Had not the time to look at this till now. The mesh, ‘Cube’, has an armature modifier improperly added. If you look at the log, you will not see the number of matrix weights or indexes listed. You will see that the skeleton stats show 0 as the number of influencers.

BJS does not like that at all. I am also guessing that you got this somewhere off the net. Reason is that although your log file shows you running 2.80. The display is not right, which indicates that this .blend was made with an older version of Blender.

Suggest you start over.

  • Start Blender 2.80.
  • Using the starting scene, File->Append all the things in the Objects section of the original Blend file.
  • Unparent the ‘Cube’ from the armature, using right click menu Parent->Clear Parent.
  • Shift click the part of the armature sticking out the top, and with both selected type ‘crtl-P’. On the parenting menu, select 'With automatic weights’

Alternatively, it seems kind of pointless to have an armature to a rigid body, like a spaceship. You could just leave the last step out, unless you are actually going bend the wings or something in an animation.

FYI, exporter 6.2.2 is slightly out of date. Updating will fix NOT this defective model though.