Trying to use glb mesh with createNavMesh() doesn't work

Hello! I’m trying to use createNavMesh() with an imported glb mesh (the mesh was imported using SceneLoader.ImportMesh) but I receive ‘Could not build Detour navmesh.’
I want to specify that first I merged the meshes and then pass them to createNavMesh()

This how I used the functions.
SceneLoader.ImportMesh(undefined, ‘/assets/scenes/’, ‘world.glb’, this.scene.instance, (meshes) => {})
this.navigationPlugin.createNavMesh(this.navMeshes, this.navmeshConfig, (navmeshData ) => {})

Hi @ASKICK_Team and welcome to the forum

Can you please share a playground so I can take a look?

1 Like I think this should show the problem. I think the problem is more with the MergeMeshes than with the navigationPlugin

@Cedric you are rocking the forum !!! thanks a lot

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Indeed, __root__ was used for mergeMesh and createNavMesh takes an array, not a single mesh.
Once fixed:

gltfmesht | Babylon.js Playground (