Tuggowar now on Steam with new look

The deckbuilding game Tuggowar was just released on Steam as a demo with a completely new art style!
Of course it was made completely in Babylon.js, many thanks to this awesome open source game engine!

Checkout the Demo and add it to your wishlist if you want to help out :slight_smile:


OMG! this is crazy good! So proud of you folks!!

@PirateJC we need to amplify that for sure ;D

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Added to my wishlist!!!

@mise Tuggowar has come a LONG way. You’ve done awesome stuff with it! Are you on twitter! I’d be happy to help shout the word about this!

I’m not on Twitter at the moment, but if you want to tweet out a link to the steam demo, that would be very much appreciated of course!
We have an awesome player base already, but also a long way to go hopefully :slight_smile:.


Nice job @mise! How did you wrap in order to upload to Steam, using electron?

thanks! that’s right