Image as texture is getting stretched


I am trying to add image as t-shirt texture which is getting stretched completely. Intially i tried image format with png and later on changed to svg format still the same issue is persisting.

am using albedoTexture tried to change this to normal texture but its not working…
Pls suggest wht best can be done


If you want to change the texture of the shirt you can do what you are doing while playing around with the v or us scale values of the texture. If you want to put something on top of the shirt you can use decals - Decals | Babylon.js Documentation


Hi Raan,

As per yur suggestion i updated the uv coordinates with the below approach. Just increased the uv values to check the stretching effect. but there is no effect
at lin 52 tried with faceuv variable by adding to the uv coordinates but there is no effect

const faceUV = new BABYLON. Vector4(1 / columns, 0, 1 / columns, 1 / rows);
uvs[0] = faceUV.z;
uvs[1] = faceUV.w;
uvs[2] = faceUV.x;

Nice effect! but that’s not what I meant :slight_smile:

I meant changing the v and u scale of the texture - vijay_krishna model | Babylon.js Playground (

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