Unable to compile effect on Node Material

Hi All,

We have an experience that uses node materials and it was working fine. We didn’t touch the graphics code for a while but we came back to the experience today and nothing that uses the node material renders and the console is displaying “Unable to compile effect” errors, here are some of the snippets:

 BJS - [10:28:05]: Unable to compile effect:
 BJS - [10:28:05]: Offending line [147] in fragment code: {float fogCoeff=1.0;
 BJS - [10:28:05]: Error: FRAGMENT SHADER ERROR: 0:147: '{' : syntax error

These lines repeats for each node material we use. We didn’t change any of the node material json files and the code inside the json is not even GLSL code. The only thing that could have changed is that we always used the latest version of Babylonjs. Just wondering if your team might be able to shed some light into this strange bug that we are encountering?

I believe @Evgeni_Popov is aware of that

Yes, the problem will be fixed by this PR:

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That’s Awesome Thank you!