Unable to load from ./scenes/_assets/../scene/scene.babylon

There is no playground link here, as I have sort of problem with the editor. I used some of standard starter templates and it works ok in preview using F5, but when I press Run, there is this error in console and screen is black:

Uncaught (in promise) RuntimeError: Unable to load from ./scenes/_assets/../scene/scene.babylon: loadAssets of scene.babylon from Babylon.JS Editor version: v4.5.0, exporter version: v5.19.0
		Name: sun, type: Directional
		Name: default material
    at RuntimeError.BaseError [as constructor] (error.js:11)
    at new RuntimeError (error.js:61)
    at errorHandler (sceneLoader.js:531)
    at loadAssetContainer (babylonFileLoader.js:487)
    at Object.load (babylonFileLoader.js:856)
    at sceneLoader.js:563
    at dataCallback (sceneLoader.js:193)
    at fileTools.js:348
    at XMLHttpRequest.onReadyStateChange (fileTools.js:462)

It is probably a bug in editor (I think), but github issues ask to create something in forum first.

This is running in Windows 11.

Note that I make no changes to template whatsoever, it is third person shooter that has this issue right from the box.

cc @julien-moreau who is the editor’s dad

Hi @str4 !

If you touched nothing from the template that means I introduced an error in it. Let me check and find a fix for you. What I’m pretty sure is that we are missing an import in the index.ts file to include all necessary components for the scene loader.

Try adding « import ‘@babylonjs/core’; » in the index.ts and it should fix the issue

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@str4 i unfortunately don’t reproduce :frowning:
Are you sure that you did not add any other asset to the project ? Like a material etc?