Unable to load .OBJ files in Babylon Sandbox

I want to load CAD blocks (dwg.dxf) to baylon sandbox. As we can not directly import such files, I have converted them to .OBJ using Eyeshot.

When i try to load these files in the sandbox, I am unable to see the files nor do i get any errors.
I can see something in the inspect box, but nothing in the viewer.

I am very new to this. Anything will help.

Hi, welcome aboard!
Can you share one file with us? It looks like your objects are empty.
I’m afraid the problem is at conversion, not in babylon js :frowning_face:

Thanks Marian!

How do I share the file? This only allows me to share images.

I have no idea, you can upload it somewhere and share the link maybe

This page can help you storing your external assets:

I am able to load the same objs in Blender but not BabylonJS.

Can you share one of those files ?

Please see obj file below.

BabylonTest/example.obj at main · AsmitaAgrawal/BabylonTest (github.com)

The file does not contain meshes but lines instead, which are not supported by our .obj file loader at the time.

I have created an issue for it:

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I’ll have a look

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