Unable to rotate texture only for selected areas


We have added blue stripe image texture to mesh suit, Once the texture is applied to outer coat the lines are horizontal on the hands and lines are vertical on the middle part of outer coat

We need to make the white lines on the hands vertical as like on the middle part of the outer coat.

We tried by rotating the texture angle as shown below
myTexture.wAng = window.BABYLON.Angle.FromDegrees(100).radians();

But with above approach complete texture is getting rotated for middle part of outer coat and hands. Pls suggest how can i rotate complete texture to vertical lines ?


It’s because you are using the same texture for both the torso and the arms, however the UVs for these 2 separate meshes are different.
Two solutions. Either you change the UV on the mesh, inverting it on either the arms or torso OR since they are already different meshes and initially with different texture, when you create the new ‘myTexture’, you also clone it and apply rotated U or V on the arm or torso.

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You should apply a different texture to each part:

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So much more straight to the point than I will ever be capable of :grin:

Thanks @Evgeni_Popov for the help…
you saved my time…