Uniform arrays with non uniform control texture sample (WebGPU)

You can check the “network” tab of the browser to know if your files are used or not. You will see they are not, because the canvas is named renderCanvas, not renderingCanvas.

You should also call initAsync() before returning:

This PG still does not work for some reasons. I can see in the Network tab that the request for twgsl.js returns a 0 byte content response (but the response header says that the content length is 20323)… You should try to host the files somewhere else and see if that works.

Anyway, if I run the PG locally with my local version of Babylon.js and I point the js/wasm to local versions of the files, it does work. And it does fix the Tint error.

I always forget that part my bad xD

This is really weird, maybe it is because I only recently uploaded the files who knows.

Anyway I tried it localy like you said and it works like a charm! No tint error to be seen :pray: Thank you very much :heart: