uniformBuffer.updateColor4 not working for material plugin

Heya, there’s an issue I’ve come across where calling updateColor4 on a UniformBuffer isn’t working. EG in the simple material plugin example below the cube should be red if it’s working but instead is white. If I comment out line 50 and uncomment line 51 to instead use updateFloat4 and pass the r, g, b, a properties for its params then it works as expected. Also using updateColor3 to update a color3 uniform works as well.

Actually it’s updateDirectColor4 that you want to use. updateColor4 is taking a Color3 + float as parameters… That’s a bit unfortunate that updateColor4 does not take a Color4 as a parameter, but I guess there are some historical reasons behind this choice.


TYVM that solves it then. :slight_smile: :beers: Def agree thou that it’s an unfortunate, and IMO confusing, naming inconsistency…

we can provide an overload with Color4