Unity exporter doesn't export the skybox

Hi there!

I’m using Unity 2020.3.13f1.629 and UnityExporter V5.0.0-A31.9X1 and I never succeed to have the skybox exported.
I tried with a very simple scene, with the default skybox. I tried all sorts of skybox (6 sided, cubemap, panoramic).
Once exported, in the inspector, I can’t find the related texture or material.
The sky remains plain dark grey.

Any idea how to solve that? @MackeyK24
Thank you!

R u using the Babylon toolkit with the scene manager extension to run your exported content or are you loading the exported content into your own project???

Hi Mackey.
Thanks for coming back to me.
I’m using the Babylon Scene Manager extension which is generated when we build the project.

It should be automatic… can you make a video showing me your problem

someone figured it out: the Camera should have the tag MainCamera.
thank you!