Unity exporter support for MRTK

Since we now have MRTK on Babylonjs as well as on Unity, could the Unity exporter also include MRTK as an export feature ?

You can limit support to only matching the MRTK version that Babylonjs has if you want.

Use case : Lots of XR/UX designers are used to work on Unity and MRTK. So having a clear workflow to export to Babylonjs will definitely help designing better UX for WebXR experiences.

What do you think about it ?

Related issue : Add MRTK export [feature request] · Issue #61 · BabylonJS/UnityExporter · GitHub

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cc @MackeyK24

hi @RaananW, what do you think about it ?

I think it’s a wonderful idea. The Unity exporter is developed by @MackeyK24 , and I hope he will be able to provide some information

He mentioned not knowing enough about MRKT in the github issue… Do you know the ones who ported MRTK to Babylonjs ? Those persons may have a better idea of the feasibility

The people who have implemented it are not active here in the forum (AFAIK), but I am sadly not sure how they could help here. As you said - Unity has MRTK support, Babylon has MRTK support, there is a need to pass the parameters to babylon to render the right elements.
If @MackeyK24 has any questions we can do our best to answer them, but eventually everything is documented and ready to be used.

I am sorry if it feels like I am avoiding it. I am not, but changes to the unity exporter are out of our hands.

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Got you, thank you for your detailed responses !

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