Unknown error with WebGL (BabylonJs + React + Vite)

Hello guys, i’m absolutely new here, and I only have experience with React.
I’m starting with my very first Babylon app but I have trouble in my local environment when I use skybox. The playground is still good Playground.
The error message is: webGL: INVALID_OPERATION: uniformMatrix4fv: location is not from current program

Here is my code which running in problem at local: GitHub - cody0203/babylon-react.
Node 19.7.0
BabylonJs 5.56.0
React 18.2.0
Chrome 112.0.5615.49 (Official Build) (x86_64)
Typescript 4.9.3
Vite 4.2.0

Have a nice weekend, thank you guys.

Oh i found that, just need to dispose engine when unmount the React component. this.engine.dispose()