Loading avatar with message INVALID_OPERATION: uniformMatrix4fv


we are loading avatar mesh every time based on user selection. once the avatar is loaded it is displayed as shown below. it is shown with shiny parts on various body parts. This situation is occasional not always, if we load the mesh multiple times then only this output is displayed

From the browser(chrome vers 107) console i found cause of error:

thinEngine.ts:3383 WebGL: INVALID_OPERATION: uniformMatrix4fv: location is not from current program

Guys, any thoughts how to handle this

I am totally unable to repro… What OS/babylon version are you using ? is the playground you shared creating the issue for you ?

@Evgeni_Popov can you try on your machine just in case ?

Can’t reproduce neither.

I get some “WebGL: INVALID_VALUE: getProgramParamter: attempt to use a deleted object” errors when clicking too fast on the “Play” button while it’s still loading from the previous run, but it’s probably because the playground system is not fully robust over such race conditions (and the mesh is still displayed correctly, so it may be a transient problem).

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my OS is windows 10
Chrome version: 107
Babylonjs version: 5.34.

This issue is comming if we load the avatar multiple times. if i clear the browser cache the issue will be resolved temporarily.

Can you create a playground that reproduces the issue ?

This is bizzare even am not able to reproduce the issue now

am closing the ticket