uOffset producing unexpected results in edge

Here’s a playground demo to illustrate my point:

On Firefox and Chrome adjusting the uOffset continually has the desired effect, a nice smooth animation. Try it on Edge and each ‘frame’ of the animation will be slightly off, the center will jiggle. This is very strange behavior.

Any idea what could be causing this? I can try other approaches like updating UV’s on the mesh itself, but I just thought it odd that the simplest solution doesn’t work.

In WebGL1 (so Edge, Safari, old devices) textures need to be of power of 2 sizes so Babylon remaps it to the closest power of two it can ending up stretching the texture and losing precision on your fetch.

In your case the easiest would be to use a bigger texture with empty space: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#VCEUE0#6

So you would need to adapt a bit the scale and offset :slight_smile:

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I totally forgot about the WeblGL1/2 divide between the browsers, thanks so much!