videoTexture issue on iOS16 when update u/vOffset programatically

Issue description

Hi everyone,

I have a project that needs to bind a videoTexture to node material, and programatically update the texture uOffset and/or vOffset value. It’s working properly on most browsers. However I find it’s not working properly on iOS 14 and iOS 16, regardless browser (tested safari and chrome).

It seems that if I don’t modify u/vOffset value, video texture renders correctly. Once I start to modify u/vOffset value the issue happens.

I have setup a playground so you could see the issue:

As you can see this playground works correctly on iOS 16 devices, safari and chrome. However once you uncomment line 48 ~ line 50, the issue happens.

Here are also couple screenshots for reference:

If u/vOffset stays static:

Once u/vOffset values be modified programatically:

Once again, in my testing this only happens on iOS14 and iOS16. It works properly on iOS15 and iOS17. Would be wonderful if I can find a fix for iOS16. Also this only seems to happen on video texture.

I have looked into some posts and already tried to set texture.wrapV and texture.wrapU to WRAP_ADDRESSMODE, didn’t fix the issue :frowning:

Thank you!

I believe I’ve seen more or less the same topic of UV + video texture a while ago. I did some searches on the forum but found nothing. Do you remember smth @sebavan ?

I remember that IOs had plenty of issues in 15.x and 16.x where they broke quite a lot of support unfortunately.

I am not sure there is smthg we can do :frowning:

Ah sure. Thanks for the details.

I actually did another test this morning, unfortunately as you mentioned, it actually didn’t work on iOS15 too. The first time I thought it worked because I didn’t click screen to trigger video play. Once video starts to play it actually renders the broken view.

I guess there isn’t much I can do then :frowning: