Update the MarbleProceduralTexture is not working

i am trying to update the marble texture from URL is not working, can you please let me know how to do it

          var renderingmesh = pickResult.pickedMesh.subMeshes[0].getRenderingMesh();

           var textureObj =  new Texture("url",scene,false)

           var marbleMaterial = new StandardMaterial("torus", scene);

           var marbleTexture = new MarbleProceduralTexture("marble", 1024, scene);


           marbleTexture.numberOfTilesHeight = 10;

           marbleTexture.numberOfTilesWidth = 10;

           marbleMaterial.ambientTexture = marbleTexture;

           renderingmesh.material = marbleMaterial;

I think you will need to provide a PG, as it does work here:


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