Texture isnt working

Hi Everyone,
Why texture isnt working on this frame.

Babylon.js Playground

Hey. Can you be more specific? Don’t know how it suppose to look like, but I see textures on the cube. Not sure what exactly is the issue.

Thanks for response and Im sorry, i had put wrong PG link.
Here it is

Yet again, I am not sure what’s the issue. There is one texture in the scene, and it works properly as it seems. :smiley:

My bad. I have opened many window browsers.
This is the one

Your implementation of ImportMesh is not quite right. You are not actually assigning material to the object at all. You need to add a callback function to the ImportMesh method, where you can access the the meshes and assign material. So it looks like this.

Alternatively you can use ImportMeshAsync which returns the promise after which you can do the same thing as above.


Okay thank you so much @nogalo for the solution.I have one more query like how can we have UV mapping texture on it. The image texture will cover up whole glb file but how to achive like texture with specific co ordinates on it.