User loadingScreen.DefaultLogoUrl is not used by the engine code

I do use my own logo for the loading screen:

loadingScreen = new BABYLON.DefaultLoadingScreen(canvas, "V0.01");
loadingScreen.DefaultLogoUrl = "./textures/osm2world_logo.png"; // Static! write ok, but not used
this.engine.loadingScreen = loadingScreen;

The loadingText works fine, but not the DefaultLogoUrl

In babylon.max.js
Engine.prototype.displayLoadingUI in Engine.prototype.displayLoadingUI
the user loadingScreen is used, at first:

var loadingScreen = this.loadingScreen;
if (loadingScreen) {

But in DefaultLoadingScreen.prototype.displayLoadingUI
only this._loadingText; is used form the user; the logo is hardcoded “default” not “this”:


I assume, both should be handled by the same concept.
My nasty work around:

BABYLON.DefaultLoadingScreen.DefaultLogoUrl = "./textures/osm2world_logo.png";

Your workaround is not that nasty;)

Technically your are supposed to replace the entire loader: Create a custom loading screen - Babylon.js Documentation

@Deltakosh I don’t like to fight with THE MASTER of Babylon, :slight_smile:
but I just edited my babylon.max.js,
replaced ‘DefaultLoadingScreen’ by ‘this’ twice (#53732, #53736)
and removed my workaround, and - - - it still was ok, showed my logo.
I still think, it once was mend this way.

I did see the “Create a custom loading screen” but was to lazy do do it all, if one line would do it.
Would have done it. Will do it, if you would be so nice and change it as I did.

After a night of sleep, I must admit; the Workaround is the shortest solution at last.

It is still the case :slight_smile: I see no problem to change it

See the comment: