Video Texture with Alpha and Apple Device Issues

Here is the playground displaying the video texture with alpha.

This playground bear is shown with alpha in GoogleChrome, but with a black background in Mac Safari.

Also, nothing will be displayed in the iPhone Browser.

What is the difference between safari on iphone and safari on mac? And which needs to be modified, Babylon or Webkit, in order for the video with alpha to be displayed correctly in safari?

AFAIK apple devices (especially iOS) don’t support webm, which is the video format you are using here. Is it possible to try converting the movie to a different format?

My goal was to use video with alpha, so I needed to use webm instead of mp4, which does not support alpha.

I am currently adding an alpha with this workaround for mp4 videos with a green background.

However, the drawback is that it leaves a green color at the edges.

I tried specifying a video with a black background for opacityTexture, but it did not work because the playback timing was out of sync with the video in VideoTexture.

Is there any way to display the video with alpha cleanly?

This Thread has solved my problems.

Thank you @RaananW !

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