VideoTextures does not show video on iOS after cleaning cache

I found a rather weird issue. We had some problems playing video on iOS. After clearing the cache the video texture is not drawn but the audio is playing. After refreshing the page the video plays fine - until clearing the cache…

The problem is only on babylonjs 6+, and not on the latest version of 5 (5.71.1).

I can consistently recreate the issue on this PG on an iPhone running ios 16.5. Clear the cache open the PG and video is not drawn:

I haven’t found a way to keep the version after a page load in a PG, so it makes it a bit hard to show it works on 5.71.1…

cc @sebavan

I wonder if it’s related to Fix video texture bootstrap data. by sebavan · Pull Request #13843 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub which was made because of GL_INVALID_OPERATION: Texture format does not support mipmap generation

Yup can definitely be, do you mind reveting @Evgeni_Popov ? as it does not seem to fix he issue of the OP from the first issue anyway :frowning:

Thanks a lot !!!


Thanks for the quick response!

Is it solved?
Which version will it be part of?

The changes will be available in 6.8.1 (tomorrow for the Playground, and next friday for NPM).