Video Textures mirrored

In Documentation about Video Textures (Add Video Texture - Babylon.js Documentation ) there is Playground example
But video on this sphere looks mirrored.
Using the same texture for the plane gives upside down video.
I suppose there are some simple ways to deal with this? Would be grateful to know more of them :slight_smile:

Hi Labris, welcome to forum. I change LAST ‘true’ in line 31… to false (the invertY true/false flag).

Still inverted on sphere, though. Not sure why. Might be normal… but maybe not. More comments coming, maybe.


this is expected and related to the default uv coordinates in planes and spheres.

Well, for boxes it works
But how to deal with spheres?

You could invert some of the sphere scaling for both the plane and sphere to look OK:

Or if you just want the sphere to look OK, you could just invert the video texture’s uScale:


Or do a sphere spin’n’bake. :slight_smile: (lines 23-25)