Why is my SVG texture backwards

In this PG, MY SVG texture comes in backwards. If I comment in the flipping of the UVs or if I apply a 180 degree rotation about X and turn off backface culling, then the texture comes in correctly. Can someone explain why this is necessary?

videoOffTexture.uScale = -1
videoOffTexture.vScale = -1

Should work for you as well.

Thanks. Any idea why it is needed in the first place?

Note that when I apply the video texture, I have to apply a vScale of -1 (resulting in the original v direction) in order for the video to not be upside down. Strange that the SVG texture comes in differently than the video texture. Unless video texture under the hood does a uScale -1 transformation, possibly to make the video a mirror of the user.

It might be the way the UVs are laid down on the disc compared to the plane by default.

You could also prevent the texture to be reversed instead: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#RS90XC#13

Can you explain, what you did here? I see there is still a vscale -1 applied.

return new BABYLON.Texture(url, undefined, undefined, false);

Pretty sure the 4th param for invertY was just used.

Do you see any performance benefit to using the invertY param versus modifying UVs or applying a vscale?

nope all good! it makes 0 difference and it is just here because there is no common consensus on the Y axis :slight_smile:

Technically inverting the UV buffer would have more initial/computation overhead, but once that process is done its would make zero difference to the run time process.

Other than that though what Delta said.