Video Textures seems not synchronized for left and right eye in VR


we have encountered a problem in VR mode with video textures. If you are looking at a Video texture in VR mode, it seems like the left and the right eye are not synchronized. If you look carefully you can see, that it’s not showing the same frame of the video for both eyes.
This is even more visible when the framerate is lower. That’s why i decreased the framerate in this example by creating 1k spheres.

I hope you can look into this issue. And if it’s really a bug (what it seems to be), you can hopefully fix it.

Thanks very much.

good catch! I’ll make sure to fix that for next nightly :slight_smile:

Thanks again :slight_smile: we’re looking forward for the fix :slight_smile:

Hi. Seems like the left vs right eye issue is resolved in the current alpha.
But it looks like there are still problems with video especially with the mentioned playground link.
Seems like the video jumps some frames back and forth while playing.

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I do not feel that when watching the video. @sebavan do you repro the mentioned behavior?

It is a bit laggy by design but I can not repro either.

Seems like it only appears on Firefox.

Sorry forgot to mention my environment.
Win10, Firefox 64bit, Oculus Rift

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For me it’s also happening on Firefox only.

This is probably something to report to Mozilla then

Hey, as the problem with the frame jumping is still persisting and we dont get any help in the mozilla forum yet either i just wanted to address this to you, because we have to solve this problem somehow. Hope you have any ideas on this.
Our Mozilla Forum Link: WebGL video texture - frames jumping back and forth | Firefox-Hilfeforum | Mozilla-Hilfe

Unfortunately, it looks like it is related to the mozilla code itself and there is not much we can do on our side :frowning: