Video texture in VR not showing

Is it normal that video textures are not displayed in VR ? In desktop mode using Microsoft edge (not in VR) video textures are correctly displayed. However using Oculus Quest with Oculus browser video textures are not displayed. Is this a known issue for Babylonjs ?

I don’t know anything about VR, but as I see @RaananW keep repeating that contents must be served with https, maybe it’s the issue here :slight_smile:

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not quite. They should display correctly.

Do you mean - after entering VR, or when opening the page in the oculus browser? Want to share a playground? I can check on my quest

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Try this with your Oculus Quest. Video texture seems not to be working.


It is an issue with the video-prefatch attribute. This will work:

those are the lines that solved the issue: = 'auto'; = true;

Seems like a small bug in the way the oculus browser deals with video elements. Not sure thou. You can add an issue on github if you like. I will see if we can fix it without hurting any other implementation.

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Thanks @RaananW !
That solved the issue.