VideoTexture Support in ReactNative

Do know if Babylon ReactNative support VideoTexture as of today ? 17-June-22

@bghgary and @Cedric

Hi @Naren and welcome to the forum.

No, it’s not supported yet. There is some prototype branch for iOS/MacOS only.

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Hi guys, may I know if VideoTexture is supported on React Native now? If not, is there an alternative method I can try to implement video texture on my mesh?

@bghgary and @Cedric

This is not supported yet and we don’t currently have any plans to do it. You can try using ExternalTexture and update the texture from a platform-specific video player to get similar capabilities.


Will try on that. Thank you for your suggestion. One more question, will DynamicTexture works if I diffuse it with a react video component? @bghgary

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “diffuse it”, but regardless I’m not sure I know enough about react video component to be able to answer. From a brief search, it seems like this component is only for React and not React Native and it seems to use HTMLVideoElement. If so, this isn’t usable in React Native or Babylon React Native.

Is there any way to display a video on react-native or not in the near future? Thanks

Unfortunately, there are no plans to add support for this in the near future. The ExternalTexture method I mentioned above is also not easy to do in Babylon React Native at the moment. Contributions are welcome in this area. :slight_smile:

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