VideoTexture: WebGL error when setting poster attribute

I am getting an error when I use the poster attribute on a video texture.
The error is: “WebGL: INVALID_VALUE: tex(Sub)Image2D: video visible size is empty”

I have replicated the error in a playground here


Pinging @sebavan

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This is mainly linked to a Chrome issue on the video first frame which does not happen on other browsers: 898550 - Initially muted webcam video cannot be used as texture, even after unmuted - chromium - Monorail

When you add settings for the texture you need to define all of them, here autoUpdate is considered false so it does not update the video texture every frame.

you can set it this way: autoUpdateTexture: true

This will still emit the first frame warning but will allow the others to be ok.

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Ah okay. Thanks for your help!