VideoTexture autoPlay and autoUpdateTexture

While researching issues around video autoplay, I noticed what is maybe a minor point of confusion with VideoTexture. Here is a PG, where I wanted to show how to manually play a VideoTexture, that shows the issue:

If the autoUpdateTexture:true property is removed from the settings, then the video texture is black.

Specifically, if a settings parameter is given, then the setting defaults of properties not given are the opposite from when no settings parameters is given. For example, if settings:{autoPlay: true/false} is given, then autoUpdateTexture defaults to false unless it is also explicitly given in the settings.

Relevant code:

It’s not wrong, just maybe confusing. I don’t think there is anyway to know this without looking at the code. I’m not sure if there are other precedents for this type default settings handling in babylon.js.

cc @sebavan

Yup I ll fix it as well tonight.